Architectural and Interior Photographer | Advanced Architectural Photography CPD
Architectural photograph of the iCon Building Daventry, taken at night with light trails in the foreground.The iCon Building photographed at night An example of specialist night photography used to illustrate a CPD talk on Advance Architectural and Interior photography delivered by Andrew Hatfield across London and the UK to Architects and Surveyors.

Advanced Architectural and Interior Photography 1 Hour CPD Session


If you have already had the talk and would like to review the presentation you can see it HERE.


This advanced talk is aimed at photographers that have already received the basic talk and would like to take their photography to the next level and have access to a DSLR camera and suitable tripod.


Talks are normally delivered during lunch or evening sessions and can include group or individual critique of delegates work.


Each presentation can be individually adjusted to suit the experience levels of the group or to address a particular photographic problem, although the standard elements normally comprise;


Depth of field and the Hyper-focal Distance 

Advance techniques to maximize and minimise depth of field to suit the subject matter, including focus stacking and the use of Tilt/Shift lenses. 


Long Exposure in Daylight

Use of long exposure times and Neutral Density filters to create motion blur during daylight.


Night Photography

Selection of equipment for night photography, choosing the right exposure, white balancing and noise reduction techniques.


Use of Off Camera Flash

Selection of suitable equipment and alternative ways to light building interiors.


High Dynamic Range Photography

How best to extend our cameras dynamic range to capture more highlight and shadow detail through the use of HDR software or the layering and blending of multiple exposures in post production software.


Post Production

A brief look at post production techniques used with the techniques discussed.


Equipment Choices

Outline of various equipment options for photographers wishing to invest in more specialist architectural equipment.


On completion of the session you will receive a password so that you can review the presentation online. I am happy to deliver the talks across London and the rest of the UK, please contact me to discuss cost and availability.